Kennel Terra Antyda

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Y-pesakond sündis /Y litter was born 07.04.2009
2 isast ja 4 emast / 2 males and 4 females

Trebell Ticket To Ride
Puusad/Hips: A/A, Küünarl/Elbows: 0/0, Silmad terved/ Eyes clear
Terra Antyda Sani Destiny
Puusad/Hips: A/A Küünarl/Elbows: 0/1 Silmad terved/ Eyes clear
Trebell Ticket To Ride GB Ch
Captain Finn at Steval
GB Sh Ch
Steval Mickey Finn at Ivycrest
Princess of the Universe
Lindjan Lullaby at Trebell Gatchells Jazz Player
Ankera Quite Contrary at Annymar
Terra Antyda Sani Destiny BH, Fin & Est Ch
Fairfield Firefoxtrot
Siagar Spencer
Fairfield Firecrystal
Terra Antyda Sani Atlanta WW´00, EW´00, Int & Pl & Fin Ch, FIN W´99, Pl & PZSG´00, It W´00
Lorinford Harlequin
Est & Lv Ch
Majik Greensleeves